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The current move in Lansing to eliminate your health care benefits is moving forward – NOW.  If you think this doesn’t affect you and your family, think again, and then DO something
Michigan Civil Service Commission called upon to maintain protections afforded to state employees A coalition of labor leaders today called on the Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) to reject proposed rule
December 30, 2013 On the last night of session before the holiday recess, a seven bill package (SB 722-728) affecting school employee retirement benefits was introduced in the Senate, with the
Civil Service Commission delays decision on state employee contracts In an unprecedented move, the Civil Service Commission deadlocked today on the impasse panel’s recommendations on health care benefits for state employees.
December 12, 2013 Dear Michigan State Senators and Representatives: As you know, bargaining between state employee unions and the Snyder Administration has reached an impasse. During tough fiscal times, state workers
December 10, 2013   Dear MI Council 25 AFSCME Members: There seems to be no end to the relentless effort of Gov. Snyder to undermining public education, destroy public workers’ rights
October 1, 2013 Dear AFSCME Members: Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have decided that our veterans – those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom
Request focuses on actions by attorneys at Detroit-based Miller Canfield law firm in scheme forcing the city to beg for money it already borrowed and has to pay interest on DETROIT, Nov.