Wayne County Retirees

The current move in Lansing to eliminate your health care benefits is moving forward – NOW.  If you think this doesn’t affect you and your family, think again, and then DO something about it.  All the tools you need were presented at the November 21st Emergency meeting and are being provided for you below.   Please share with every retiree and active government worker you know.

A message From Nick Ciarmitaro Director of Legislation and Public Policy for Michigan AFSCME Council 25;

THIS IS NOT A JOKE ….  Drafts are under consideration for introduction and possible hearings as early as next week which would make retiree health care for current municipal retirees optional with the employer unless you retired under a collective bargaining agreement that “clearly and expressly” conferred a longer period of time. Other provisions would allow action after a full review of funding but this provision would apply to ALL current retirees.  

We do not know what the final bill will look like but this is clearly on the table.  It would apply to all employees of cities, townships, counties, road commissions, airport authorities and other public authorities including public hospital employees like nurses, and even those not eligible for Medicare.


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